Monday, September 20, 2021

*NEW reduced bureaucracy alert*: No more separate "enrollment confirmation" procedure

Remember how, in past semesters, in addition to registering for classes and getting adviser approval of your schedule, you also had to do a separate process through myBarnard where you confirmed your enrollment in the College?

Good news! You don't have to do that any more!

Beginning in Fall 2020, final enrollment confirmation for new and continuing students now entails both 

  1. A student’s successful registration for classes and 
  2. Payment of the term bill (for students on payment plans, be up to date on scheduled payments) 

by the semester registration/add deadline (end of the second week of classes).

It is essential that you do both of these things to avoid very negative consequences: 

Students who have not completed both of these steps by the semester registration/add deadline will be deregistered for courses and, therefore, considered not enrolled for the semester. Students will then automatically be placed on a personal leave of absence.

If you have a hold that in past semesters would have blocked enrollment confirmation (e.g. a hold placed by the bursar, dean’s office, health services), you will need to clear that hold before you can add/drop courses during the registration period at the start of the semester.