Friday, August 27, 2021

Senior FAQ: I had fulfilled a Foundations req with a past class; why is it now showing in my Degree Audit as "pending completion" with a Fall 2021 class?

First and foremost, if this is happening to you, don't worry!

Second, FYI the Degree Audit is programmed to pull the most recent course that fulfills a requirement.  In addition, in response to student requests, the Audit is now also configured to show registered-but-not-started courses in the degree audit so students can more efficiently plan and review course selections.

OK great, but what if I drop a class that the Degree Audit thinks I'm going to use to fulfill a Foundations requirement?

If a previous course was approved for this requirement, the past course will go back to where it was and the requirement will be fulfilled once more.  It's a good idea to check after dropping a class to make sure this happens.  If it doesn't, use this form to request an update to your audit: Not sure if a past course was approved: check the approved "Snowbird" lists from previous semesters.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Job Opportunity: Apply to be a Computing Fellow!


The Vagelos Computational Science Center (CSC) at Barnard seeks a new cohort of Computing Fellows for the 2021-22 academic year.

Barnard Computing Fellows are undergraduate peer academic leaders who assist in the development and execution of CSC workshops and other projects. Fellows are “attached” to specific courses where they support the instructor and students in the course. Fellows can meet with students for one-on-one conferences as they embark on a computational project, hold general office hours, or lead interactive computing workshops for the students in or outside of class. Fellows participate in training and workshops, including activities to further develop their computational skills, pedagogy workshops, and topics around the interactions of computing and society.

Applicants should have an interest in peer teaching, some experience coding, and (equally important) a strong willingness to learn. Must be a currently enrolled student in good standing.

We particularly encourage applications from juniors and experienced sophomores, so that they might continue as a Computing Fellow in future years. To apply, please submit a single combined file containing a cover letter describing your interest in the position and your resume through Barnard Works by searching for Job ID 13545.

For more information:

Monday, August 23, 2021

Graduating this year and plagued by the nagging feeling that you must be forgeting something? SENIOR CHECKLIST to the rescue!


Keep track of deadlines and tasks to make sure you're graduating on schedule, using this Senior Checklist.  Link requires gBear login, and spring dates will be further specified when more information is available.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Wait; there's a new portal? What's there and how do I find the stuff I need?

If you've been reading your email, or if you recently tried to log into myBarnard and got an error message, then you know that the College has transitioned to a new portal: this is a landing page that links to most of the systems that you need to register for classes, submit forms to the registrar, check your degree progress and more.  It also aggregates some essential updates, news, and resources.

Where do you find the things you need?

Course Registration
As in past semesters, you will register, add, and drop classes at your designated registration times on Student Planning, which you can get to from the link under "Tools & Apps" on the lower left-hand side of the portal, or by going directly to
Registration Times & Holds
To see all your upcoming times and (bonus!) any holds preventing your registration, log into the portal, hover your mouse over Academics, then hover over Planning Your Courses, then click Registration Appointment & Holds. Also, when you log into Student Planning, you'll see just your next registration time when you log into Student Planning (unless you log in during that reg time, in which case you will see no time listed). 
Degree Audit
You can track your progress in completing graduation requirements via the Degree Audit found in WebAdvisor.  Just click on WebAdvisor in the Tools & Apps menu. You'll need to log in again and will then be able to click on Degree Audit.
Pro Tip: don't use Safari! It won't work!

Declare your major, change your degree audit, drop a class after the registration deadline, etc:
The many student forms that used to be on paper or in a variety of different electronic locations and platforms are now almost all aggregated in Slate.   You can get to Slate from the portal by hovering your mouse over Academics in the upper left corner and then clicking on Academic Forms.  You can also get to it directly via the URL you'll see once you do that. Slateis also where you can log in to track the progress of any forms you have submitted (received, approved, processed, etc.).
Don't worry too much about which site you're on
Once you log into the portal, clicking on various links will take you seamlessly (ideally...) from one site to another to do all the things that can be done online with respect to your student record. As long as you're logged in and can find what you need, it doesn't matter if you're in the portal, WebAdvisor, Slate, or Student Planning.

Pro Tip: A lot of what you want will be found by hovering your mouse over Academics on the upper left and then hovering and/or clicking on the sub-menus that appear.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Senior Life Hack: How to check your remaining credits and see if you're on track for graduation

Your Unofficial Transcript is the best place to check how many credits you have left before graduation.
It is easier to find and understand the credit math on the Transcript than on the Degree Audit, particularly if you have repeated classes that allow you to earn credit more than once (e.g. Dance Technique, Advanced Language Through Content, Supervised Research, etc.) or are registered for a yearlong thesis that only gives you grades in spring.

    How to check how many credits you still need to complete your degree:

    Wednesday, August 11, 2021

    Summertime is a good time.... to check your Degree Audit

    Planning to graduate in Spring of this year?  Now's a good time to double-check that you're on track to complete all of your requirements on time.  Planning to graduate in Winter?  Definitely the time to confirm!

    Step 1: Open up both your Degree Audit on myBarnard and your Unofficial Transcript via Student Planning

    Check the Student Planning/myBarnard/Registration printable guide (requires myBarnard/gBear login to view) for instructions if you don't remember how to view your Degree Audit online.

    See previous blog post for how to check remaining credits on your Transcript.

    Step 2: Check for some important stuff

      On your Unofficial Transcript

      1. Are all the classes you took listed, and are all the grades on your transcript?
      2. Are all external credits you expect -- previous college credit, summer credit, AP/IB credit, study abroad credit, etc. -- listed? 
      3. If you're planning to graduate this May 2022:
        1. Have you completed at least 86 credits, thereby attaining senior status? 
        2. Are you registered -- or will you soon register -- for a fall schedule that puts you on track to finish everything that remains by the end of the spring?
      On your Degree Audit
      1. Is your expected graduation date correct?
      2. Are all courses showing up as counting for the requirements you expect them to count for? Or are things listed in "Other" that you expected to see under General Education Requirements (GERs) or in your major?  
      3. If you're planning to graduate this February, everything should be completed or in progress.

      Step 3: Address any issues you identified in Step 2

      Tuesday, August 3, 2021

      Senior Class Dean / College Case Manager Walk-In Hours

      Got a quick question?

      Need to talk to a dean ASAP?

      If you have something complicated or want to be sure you can talk at length, please make an appointment via Dean Grabiner's online scheduler.

      Otherwise, feel free to (virtually) walk in any Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon during (stay tuned for additional IRL times)

      Tuesdays 10-11 AM Eastern Time 

      (except 9/7/2021)

      Thursdays 3-4 PM Eastern Time 

      (except 9/16/2021)

      Monday, August 2, 2021

      Never miss a deadline!: Add the Barnard Academic Calendar to your gBear calendar with one click!

      Worrying about keeping track registration dates, add/drop deadlines, p/d/f and W deadlines, and the like?

      The Registrar has you covered with its Google Calendar version of the Academic Calendar -- you can add this to your gBear or other Google Calendar with just one click!  Registration and add/drop periods for fall are already added in, so this will help you ASAP

      I'm in!  How can I add the Barnard Academic Calendar to my gBear or other Google Calendar?

      1.  Go to (or, honestly, just google-search "Barnard Academic Calendar" -- that's how I find it every time...)

      2.  Click on View Barnard's academic calendar on Google Calendar.   This will open the google calendar

      3.  In the google calendar that opens, go to the bottom right-hand corner and click on the blue square with the white plus sign (you'll know you're in the right place because when you hover your mouse there, text saying "Add to Google Calendar" will pop up).

      4. Once you've added the calendar, set up notifications. Some recommended settings:

      Follow us! 2021-2022 Senior Class Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and add Academic Calendar to your gBear

      Aaaaaah the summer before your senior year....  That carefree time when you're constantly refreshing your email to find out what the fall semester may be like at Barnard, in NYC, in the world...

      We know you have a lot on your mind in general, and particularly these days.  The Senior Class Blog is here to help you keep up with the latest information, deadlines, updates, policies, and procedures, so you know what to do, when to do it, how to stay connected, and how to stay on track. 

      TL;DR: Senior Blog wants YOU to graduate.


      So watch this space, bookmark this blog, and/or follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and add the Barnard Academic Calendar to your gBear (not ours but a great resource) to stay up to date on deadlines, advice, and news you can use to make the most of your senior year.  (You can also follow us on Instagram but tbh that is mostly pictures of cats referred to as "assistant deans" with occasional announcements about walk-in hours and virtual programming)

      Know a campus resource or event that should be on this blog?* Email us!

      *Note: We will only post on-campus events or opportunities sponsored by recognized student organizations or campus offices or professionals.