Friday, September 24, 2021

How to drop a class by the October 12 deadline

Gone are they days when you needed a paper form and handwritten signature. Follow the easy online steps below to drop a class on or before the deadline. 

1. Contact your adviser to discuss and obtain their approval

Best practice is to have an advising conversation where you discuss options and any possible implications of this drop on your full-time status or your graduation progress, but depending on how much you and your adviser have already discussed things, they may accept an email request from you in place of a meeting. 

2. Your adviser will submit an online request via WebAdvisor to enable you to drop online via Student Planning.

You will only be able to drop online if your adviser has granted this permission. Be sure that you are not attempting to drop below 12 credits -- the system will not allow this.


3. As soon as your adviser grants permission, you will receive an email informing you that you have permission to drop the class(es) discussed.

While this adviser permission is for the specific class you request, functionally it reopens your ability to drop in general, so be sure to drop the right class and nothing else.


4. You will have two days to drop the class online via Student Planning.*

If you don't drop within the 2-day window, you will need to request permission again. 

*Note that you must drop on or before the drop deadline if you want the class removed from your transcript.


Thursday, September 23, 2021

Want to uncover a summer 2021 grade of P? You can do it Sept 24 - October 27.

If you elected the p/d/f option for a summer 2021 class, you may now uncover that grade if you like, as long as you do the following after Sept 24 and before the October 27 deadline.

Go to --> Academics --> Taking Classes --> Change P/D/F Status


You will be able to elect the p/d/f option for fall 2021 classes beginning Sept 27.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

REPOST: Need an extra credit or two? Here are some ways you might find them

Doing that degree-audit arithmetic and need one or two more credits?

If you're having trouble getting up to the number of credits you need and are looking for a 1-2-credit course to add for this spring, here are some options and tips. Know of something that's not on here? Email, and we'll add it!

Note that it may be too late to add some of these, but some may not have started yet

1-2 credit course options:

Monday, September 20, 2021

How to view your position on waitlists

To view your position on a waitlist for a course, you’ll need to log into SSOL (Student Services Online) using your Columbia UNI and password.

Once you log into SSOL, click on the “Registration” link on the home screen under the Academic Records section of the Your Data tab.

From there, click the “Continue with Fall 2021Registration” button on the following screen.

You will be taken to a screen with both classes you are currently registered for and classes you are on the waitlist for. On SSOL, classes under the “Fall 2021 classes” refer to classes you are registered for and classes under the “Fall 2021 Wish List” refer to classes you’re on the waitlist for.

When you’re on the waitlist for a class, SSOL will tell you either your position on the waitlist or it will say “Pending Approval.”

If a class gives you your position on the waitlist, this indicates that the waitlist is automatic. This means that the waitlist for the class is managed by the online registration services. If a person drops the class, the student who is in position 1 on the waitlist will automatically be added to the class.

If a course says “Pending Approval” under the waitlist, this means that the professor for the course is self-managing the waiting list. Rather than students automatically getting into the class from the waitlist, the professor is individually reviewing students for admittance to the class.

DEADLINE REMINDER: Registration, Adviser Approval, Enrollment Confirmation deadline TUESDAY Sept 21

Don't forget:

1.  Your Fall 2021 Course Plan in Student Planning must show, in green (i.e. fully registered)all courses that you are taking this semester, including any PE, Dance technique, Varsity sport, or rehearsal/performance course for which you will earn credit this semester. 

2.  Your adviser must approve your course schedule by clicking "Review Complete" in Student Planning.  Ideally, they will do this during an advising meeting with you.  If there are extenuating circumstances making it impossible for you and your adviser to meet until next week, your adviser may click Review Complete upon confirming an appointment day/time with you for next week.  Need advice/approval and can't reach your adviser?  Visit us in the Dean of Studies office!

Don't forget to drop any classes or waitlists that you no longer need.

If you are unable to add a course that you know that you're in, or if you are unable to drop a course or leave a waitlist for something you're not taking, please visit or contact the Registrar's

It is possible that a credit for a P.E. course, Dance technique course, or Varsity sport may appear after the registration deadline (if the course is eligible for credit for the P.E. requirement). If this does not happen automatically, you may need to fill out a form.

Tuesday, Sept 21 is the last day you may officially add a course
to your schedule. If you need to add a course to your schedule after that date, you will need to petition the Committee on Programs and Academic Standing for permission to do so (contact your class dean if you need info about this), and a late fee may be charged.

You may still drop courses until the Drop Deadline (see Academic Calendar for drop deadlines.  To drop a course after Sept 21, you will need to meet with your adviser for approval, so your adviser can submit their approval of your drop request no later that 4:30 p.m. on the drop deadline. Find this and all other deadlines on the Academic Calendar and consider adding the Academic Calendar to your gBear calendar.



Reminder that there is no separate Enrollment Confirmation process this year. You confirm your enrollment by (1) registering for classes and (2) paying your bill by the Sept 21deadline. See this blog post for how to tell what kind of hold you may have, and contact the Bursar if you need to discuss your bill.

**Note about Courseworks/Canvas**
Until the registration deadline, your CourseworksCanvas page may not look exactly like your Student Planning page because it takes some time for an added class on myBarnard to appear on Courseworks, and it takes some extra time for a dropped class to disappear. Courseworks will catch up eventually. The most important thing is to make sure that your enrollments are accurate on your Student Planning Fall 2021 page. 

*NEW reduced bureaucracy alert*: No more separate "enrollment confirmation" procedure

Remember how, in past semesters, in addition to registering for classes and getting adviser approval of your schedule, you also had to do a separate process through myBarnard where you confirmed your enrollment in the College?

Good news! You don't have to do that any more!

Beginning in Fall 2020, final enrollment confirmation for new and continuing students now entails both 

  1. A student’s successful registration for classes and 
  2. Payment of the term bill (for students on payment plans, be up to date on scheduled payments) 

by the semester registration/add deadline (end of the second week of classes).

It is essential that you do both of these things to avoid very negative consequences: 

Students who have not completed both of these steps by the semester registration/add deadline will be deregistered for courses and, therefore, considered not enrolled for the semester. Students will then automatically be placed on a personal leave of absence.

If you have a hold that in past semesters would have blocked enrollment confirmation (e.g. a hold placed by the bursar, dean’s office, health services), you will need to clear that hold before you can add/drop courses during the registration period at the start of the semester.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

DEADLINE ALERT: Uncover spring 2021 grades of P by Sept 21 if desired

If you elected the p/d/f option for a spring 2021 class, you may now uncover that grade if you like, as long as you do the following by the Sept 21 deadline.

Go to --> Academics --> Taking Classes --> Change P/D/F Status


This will take you to a page where you can see the grade you would have earned and decide if you want to leave it p/d/f for "uncover" it so the grade will appear on your transcript and participate in your GPA.

You will be able to uncover summer 2021 grades of P from Sept 24 - Oct 27

You will be able to elect the p/d/f option for fall 2021 classes beginning Sept 27.

Monday, September 13, 2021

New class with space available: Ecologies of Transmedia Performance

Supported by Mellon Foundation, Ecologies of Transmedia Performance is developed in collaboration with the NYPL for the Performing Arts for Barnard Teaches, Real Place + Digital Access.


The intersection of theatre and new media technology has produced new forms of transmedia — intermedial, multisite, networked, and immersive performances. These performances may rely on traditional and emerging platforms, haptic and virtual reality technology, video and music mapping, and/or bodily and sensory augmentations. Exploring transmedia performance as both a medial interaction in the physical space of theatre and a multiplatform environment expanding and extending beyond it, this course engages the NYPL for the Performing Arts archive to create an environmentally and socially self-aware (digital) transmedia performance/experience.


To strengthen both academic and digital competencies, the course has two interrelated components. In the theoretical part, we will study the 1935 production of Jumbo and the notions of transmediality it brings forth, and the ways these transmedialities enlist our interaction, (interspecies) attachments, and thoughts. In the practical part, we will learn how to use specific digital tools, such as Google Sites/Scripts, Inform 7, VRChat, and Blender, required by the transmedia performance that, as the final product of this course, we co-create.


The course is open to all Barnard and Columbia students across academic disciplines. For Theatre/Drama and Theatre Arts majors, it fulfills one of the two required courses in dramatic literature/theatre studies/performance studies. 


Course enrollment is limited to 12; permission of instructor given after first class meeting.

Questions? Contact Professor Hana Worthen at


REminder: Convocation 2021 - Tues 9/14/2021, 4:30pm


President Sian Leah Beilock,

the Barnard College Board of Trustees,

and the Faculty of Barnard College

Invite you to



Barnard’s academic tradition celebrating the start of the academic year.


Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021

4:30 p.m.


This year we are especially eager to celebrate the start of the academic year with the annual Convocation ceremony, and we are balancing our plans for Convocation with the necessary health and safety measures to keep our community safe in light of the pandemic. To that end, the Convocation ceremony will be held at Riverside Church with limited in-person attendance, and the ceremony will also be live-streamed as a virtual event. First-year and sophomore students will be invited to attend the ceremony in-person at Riverside Church, while juniors and seniors will be invited to join the ceremony virtually at one of our outdoor locations on campus. Faculty and staff are welcome to attend the ceremony in-person or to view the livestream. Faculty are invited to don regalia and form the traditional line outside Riverside Church to greet the students as they exit the ceremony. All members of the Barnard community are invited to an outdoor celebration after the ceremony.


Please RSVP


Please visit Barnard College Convocation 2021 for updates.


Questions? Email

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Reminder: Barnard Columbia Chorus, Chamber Singers, studio lessons, and voice classes are BACK -- auditions on Zoom in early September

Students are advised there is a $500 fee for voice lessons unless you sing in the choir, or you are a music major or a music minor.

Barnard Columbia Chorus and Chamber Singers

  • Tuesday, September 14th, 2021. 6-9pm, in-person in 405 Milbank.

  • Wednesday, September 15th, 2021. 6-9pm, in-person in 405 Milbank.

  • You may sing a song in any style or language.

Voice Auditions for Solo Studio Lessons and Voice Classes

  • Thursday, September 9th, 2021  6-10pm, in-person in 405 Milbank.

  • Monday, September 13th 6-10pm, in-person in 405 Milbank.

  • You may sing a song in any style or language.

Please reserve a 15min audition time slot here using your name and uni (access the google sheet via your Barnard email). After you have signed up for a time, you will be sent an email requesting a sample video and a form to fill out. Please complete an audition form and email it to Professor Gail Archer and copy all of the voice instructors (emails can be found on the faculty page) a day prior to your audition. All auditions will take place in person in 405 Milbank.