Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Guest Blog Post: Advice from Beyond Barnard on balancing being a senior & planning for what's next

From A-J Aronstein, Associate Dean for Beyond Barnard:

It is a fact universally acknowledged: time accelerates as you get closer to graduation.

Your explanation for this phenomenon can vary, depending on your intellectual commitments. Cognitive scientists might argue that it’s a matter of perception—of neurons firing at differing rates, or whatever. Physicists might shrug in agreement, but then say something more general about time’s relativity. Economists would remind us that each day passes at exactly the same rate—but the value of each day increases, as the quantity of your time at Barnard grows scarcer. For scholars of literature, the compression and expansion of time is nothing new: a day might take a thousand pages to describe, but ten years can just as easily pass in a single sentence.

No matter your major, the insistent truth remains: you’ll be a senior soon. To acknowledge that fact can produce all sorts of emotions: excitement, apprehensiveness, impatience, indifference, anxiety, worry, sadness, euphoria, clarity, confusion, nausea.

Sometimes, everything—all of the feels—at once.

The most important thing is not to sprint in the opposite direction from this truth.

The second most important thing is to realize that everyone—as soon as they find out that you’re graduating—will offer advice. They’ll talk about applying for jobs, pursuing graduate school, not pursuing graduate school, moving to Brooklyn, moving to California, taking a gap year, and after lecturing you about how “blockchain is the future,” they’ll add, “but the most important thing is to follow your dreams.”

Helpful, right?

But having said that, I find myself in an uncomfortable position of having been asked in this post to provide you with—you guessed it—advice. It’s in fact written into the job description of everyone at Beyond Barnard to provide you with as much helpful, encouraging, practical advice as we can.

(ICYMI, Beyond Barnard integrates career development, student employment, and advising on internships, fellowships, and graduate/professional school. We’re all in Elliott Hall, and we support all students and alumnae in their pursuit of careers in academia, industry, nonprofits, and government. We’re here to help. And we have free coffee).

So here’s the advice-giving portion of this thing:

1. Finish strong. 
You’re not done yet, after all. And until you’ve walked across the stage at Radio City, your primary occupation remains Barnard student. To complete your undergraduate work on a high note will leave you feeling more positive about your intellectual experience—which in turn will give you a running start off that stage. 

2. Start planning early. 
Let us help walk you through initial conversations about your post-graduate interests and aspirations. Schedule time in Handshake to talk with an Advisor at Beyond Barnard about getting started in your search. Sure, it’s never too late to think about your career and graduate school plans. But trust us: life is much easier for those who think boldly and early about their aspirations after Barnard.

3.  Networking is not a dirty word. 
(Almost) everyone hates the idea of instrumentalizing relationships for personal gain. But Barnard alumnae are incredibly accomplished, generous, warm people interested in helping you succeed. They share your intellectual and professional interests and are in a position to advise you through the process of finding your first job or helping you identify graduate school opportunities. Don’t like the idea of networking? Think of it instead as connecting with interesting people who share your affinity with Barnard, your interests, and your goals. Convinced, but uncertain about how to start reaching out? Let us help you find alumnae and craft outreach.

4. Some jobs can take a long time to find. 
Many Barnard students are interested in jobs in nonprofits, the arts, publishing, education, and other fields where recruitment doesn’t happen in a structured, regularized way. If you’re looking for these jobs, we see you! Chances are that actual positions won’t be posted till the spring. We hope you won’t get discouraged or anxious when you see your friends and colleagues getting jobs at some firms (often in industries like finance, consulting, and tech, where recruiting is regimented) by September and October. Keep moving forward! Don’t lose faith in your ability to find meaningful work. Realize that you should connect with organizations in the fall to be ready when positions appear in the spring. We can talk about managing this process, and we want to be your long-term allies and biggest fans in this process!

5. Times New Roman is the “sweatpants of fonts.” 
The Human Resources robots haven’t taken over (yet). Resumes still matter. Come to Beyond Barnard and learn our top tips for resumes (including which fonts to avoid) and cover letters that can actually make a difference in your applications.

6. Prepping for standardized tests shouldn’t break your bank account. 
Cultivate a community of support for the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc. Prep courses can help structure your time and force you to do homework, but they can also be expensive. As you start preparing, leverage each other as resources to practice. Peer study groups can be a powerful way to gauge and improve upon your baseline performance. Having trouble finding partners? Ask us to help facilitate groups!

7. Polish your LinkedIn Profile. 
LinkedIn is important, no matter whether you’re heading into academia, industry, nonprofits, or government. Make sure that your profile matches your resume, and that you have a professional picture (a photo on a camera phone does the trick!). We probably can’t help with your Instagram following (btw, make sure it’s turned to private before you start searching for a job), but we can help you renovate your LinkedIn.

8. Tell us what you need. 
We want to support you! Not seeing what you need? Don’t get frustrated. Get vocal. Tell us where you’re struggling, and we’ll respond where we can.

I hope this is the start of a conversation. Our door is open and we could not be more eager to help. Email us at beyondbarnard@barnard.edu to get started. See you soon.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Scholarship opportunities with summer deadlines

Interested in tech or STEM? Looking for some scholarship $$$? Here are some opportunities available this summer:


To provide tuition award to incoming First-Year and current undergraduates who can write about how technology has impacted her life.  Application includes an 800-1500 word essay and 5-minute video.   First Prize: $1,500, Runner-up: $1,000. 

Deadline:  August 6, 2018. The winner will be announced by August 16, 2018.

Contact:  Interested students should review the application requirements and apply on the organization's website:  https://pagely.com/scholarship/


To provide an award of $1,000 for tuition and related expenses for students majoring in a STEM field of study.

Deadline:  August 1, 2018

Contact:  Interested students should review application essay prompt and apply at https://www.microfluidicscorp.com/scholarship/

Friday, June 8, 2018

Add/Drop available online June 11-15 & June 18-22

The next add/drop periods will be June 11-15 2018; and June 18-22, 2018.  
As long as you obtained your adviser's permission to register for fall classes back in the April registration period (or since then), you don't need any new permission to add/drop now.

Not sure if your adviser gave you permission to register?  Check by logging into Student Planning via myBarnard.

If you don't have permission to register, you'll see this notification in the upper-righthand corner:

If you do have permission to register, no notification!

If you think you should have permission but don't, be in touch with an adviser or dean ASAP before your next registration time.

Find your individual registration times on myBarnard

Register as usual by logging into Student Planning via myBarnard.

There will be additional add/drop periods in July and August (you'll see these if you look up your registration times on myBarnard)

The final add/drop/"shopping" period will be Sept 4-14, 2018

Final Registration Deadline is Friday, September 14, 2018.

Keep track of these and other deadlines via the Senior Class Deadlines gBear calendar.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Early "Vanishing" Incomplete Deadline Today - June 5, 2018

If you took an Incomplete in any of your spring 2018 classes and want to have the temporary grade of "I" removed from your transcript, be sure to turn in all remaining written work to both the instructor and registrar@barnard.edu (so that it can be time-stamped as on time).  If you meet this deadline, then when the instructor grades your work and turns in the final grade, the "I" will be removed and replaced by the updated letter grade.

If you need a little more time, the final Incomplete deadline is Tuesday, September 4th.  If you turn in your work any time after today and on or before that final deadline, the "I" will remain on your transcript, and it will be joined by the final grade once the instructor turns in the final grade.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Introducing Senior Class Deadlines gBear calendar

Never miss a deadline!  Add "Barnard Senior Class Deadlines" to your gBear calendar to stay on top of key administrative deadlines.  Please note all times indicated are Eastern Time.

To add "Barnard Senior Class Deadlines" to your gBear calendar:

1. Log into myBarnard and open your gBear calendar.

2. On the left-hand sidebar, under the current month-at-a-glace box, locate the "Add a coworker's calendar" box (you may need to click on the three-horizontal-line "Main Menu" button in the upper left corner to make the sidebar appear.

3. Copy and paste the entire link below into the box (this will only work in gBear; the calendar cannot be added to other gmail accounts) and press enter:

4. A calendar called "Barnard Senior Class Deadlines should now appear under "Other calendars"

5. Hover your mouse over the righthand side of this, and a grey box with white text will appear, and above this box you'll see an X and three tiny dots in a vertical line.

6. Click on the three tiny dots, and a menu of items will appear. From this menu, select "Settings"

7. This page will enable you to create customized notifications and add "Barnard Senior Class Deadlines" to a smartphone." All items in this calendar will are formatted as all-day events, and the default setting is "no notification." 
Recommended setting: "1 day before each all-day event at 9:00 a.m."  

NOTE: Dates and times come from the Barnard College Academic Calendar.

Know a deadline that has changed, or something that should be in "Barnard Senior Class Deadlines" but isn't?  We are still beta-testing this calendar, so please email if you have suggestions.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Welcome to the 2018-2019 Senior Class Blog

Aaaaaah the summmer before your senior year....  That carefree time when you're working full-time or having an internship or taking classes or returning from study abroad or catching up with your friends or family or dog or cat or hometown or staying in NYC... or possibly all of the above.

In your copious free time, you may also be anticipating the next academic year, confident (or nervous or uncertain) about the prospect of graduating in the not-too-distant future.  The Senior Class Blog wants YOU to graduate.
So watch this space, follow this blog, and/or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and the Senior Deadlines gBear Calendar to stay up to date on deadlines, advice, and news you can use to make the most of your senior year.

Know a campus resource or event that should be on this blog?* Email us!

*Note: We will only post on-campus events or opportunities sponsored by recognized student organizations or campus offices or professionals.