Thursday, September 29, 2016

Need an additional credit? SHORT COURSE INFORMATION

Hey Seniors! IF you need an additional credit, or if you are looking to drop a course and need to pick up a credit (remember: drop deadline is October 11), then take a look at some courses offered through SIPA, Computer Science, and Education; be in touch directly with instructors or Dean Runsdorf for SIPA:

U4409 (87597), Political, Social, Economic Development in Brazil. 1.5
U6765 (82099), EU, US,International Human Rights. 1.5

U6169, Diplomacy in Africa.  1.5
U6545, Human Rights in the Balkans. 1.5

In all cases, interested students must speak to Dean Runsdorf for approval.  They must also make sure that there is space available--for this they will need to be in touch with the instructors.  

Fall 2016 Computer Science W3101
Call Number: 74697 Points: 1   Textbook Information
Day/Time: F 2:10pm-4:00pm Location: 717 Hamilton Hall
Enrollment: 58 students (60 max) as of September 27, 2016
Notes: COURSE START DATE 9/09/16; COURSE END DATE 10/21/16                           last day to add 9/30
Instructor: Lawrence Stead

 Section 002 PROGRAMMING LANG (C++)
Call Number: 87504 Points: 1   Textbook Information
Day/Time: T 6:10pm-8:00pm Location: 337 Seeley W. Mudd Building
Enrollment: 21 students (30 max) as of September 27, 2016
Notes: COURSE START DATE 9/6/16-10/18/16
Instructor: Ramana Isukapalli                                                                                      last day to add 9/28

Fall 2016 Education BC2045
 Section 001 Call Number: 06439 Points: 1   Textbook Information
Day/Time: T 6:00pm-9:00pm Location: 306 Milbank Hall (Barnard)
Enrollment: 9 students as of September 27, 2016
Instructor: Lisa Edstrom

$$ for Thesis Travel: Seniors, are you writing a spring thesis? Will travel be a part of your subject matter?

Lucyle Hook Travel Grants

Lucyle Hook Travel Grants are available to Seniors to support thesis research that requires travel, often done during Winter Break. To apply for funding, you must submit a proposal and a letter of support from a Barnard or Columbia faculty member by 5pm on November 4, 2016. Drop off hard copy in 105 Milbank or send an attachment to

The proposal, which must not exceed three double-spaced pages, should begin with a quick overview of your thesis project.  You should then provide more details about the issues you plan to investigate with Hook funding. Where do you intend to go?  What exactly will you do there?  How long will you need to stay?  Have you made contact with any individuals or institutions at the site whose cooperation is crucial?  Above all, how will the work you propose to do enrich your thesis?  At the end of the proposal, please provide a budget that itemizes anticipated major expenditures (e.g. round trip transportation, lodging).  The budget, best presented in chart form, is part of, not an addition to, the three page proposal.

The faculty letter of support should be written by a person familiar with your project--the person supervising your thesis, for example--and should address both the importance of this research to your thesis and your qualifications for conducting this research.

If your project involves human subjects, please go to, click on the "Student as PI Worksheet" link, and submit the completed form with your proposal.

Proposals will be discussed by the Faculty Committee on Honors at the November 11 meeting.  Bear in mind that although some members of the Committee may be experts in your field, most will not be; it will be wise to tailor your proposal accordingly.

Questions? Please contact Dean Runsdorf, Dean for Fellowships and Research and Dean of the Junior Class, in 105 Milbank.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Athena Center Opportunity

Athena Leadership Labs

The Athena Center offers all Barnard students a series of FREE workshop that help you prepare for leadership success in your personal, academic, and professional endeavors--all based on our Athena CORE10©, ten skills and attributes for effective leaders.

For questions on any of these programs, contact Sarit Abramowicz at

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

INFO ON Harvard LAW SCHOOL, and serve your college with HONOR!

Hello Seniors! Are you interested in practicing law after college? Two (somewhat related) news items:

a) The Honor Board seeks members from the classes of 2019, 2018, and 2017 to join - those interested in maintaining academic integrity on campus are highly encouraged to apply. See the Honor Board application at  and submit your interest by Monday, September 26th at 11:59pm. (Law schools love students with integrity! Serve with Honor!)


WHEN: Wednesday, September 14th
WHERE: The Event Oval, Diana Center LL1
TIME: 7pm

If you are interested, please register here:

​*The event will end at 8pm

Monday, September 12, 2016


Seniors! Muggles!

Convocation is tomorrow, Tuesday, at Riverside Church. Please line up outside the Church at 3:30pm. WEAR YOUR Green T-SHIRTS, the ones you got for free at the Block Party, and bring your fantastic Barnard spirit.

Green is for Seniors!

Convocation is a time to celebrate the opening of the school year with your community -- your fellow students, your faculty, your deans, and alumnae. The featured speaker is Marcia Sells, a Barnard alumna and Dean of Students at Harvard Law School! This is the formal marking of the start of your final year -- and you won't see this much pomp and circumstance again until COMMENCEMENT!

If you don't have a green shirt, don't worry -- send your owl Hedwig or yourself over to the Student Life Office, 3rd Floor of the Diana, for a shirt, and there will be some on hand at Convocation. One per student.

I hope to see you all there!  Look for me to walk in with you -- I will be wearing my finest purple Ph.D. regalia (and I will be hard to miss in all that purple wool with the funny hat).

Dean Friedman

Webpage for Seniors: Updates on DoS Site

Hello Seniors!  It is great to have you all back, and we in the Deans' office can't wait to watch you all dance and sparkle your way through this awesome final year.

I wanted to point you to the updated webpage on the Dean of Studies website that contains important information for Seniors, such as eligibility for graduation information: